2018 Reader Survey

We Asked, Readers Responded

Longevity: 53% of subscribers report reading Impressions for 6 years or longer

Involved: 73% of Impressions audience regularly attends the Imprinted Sportswear Shows in their region
80% spend 30 minutes to an hour reading each issue of Impressions

68% of survey respondent visited advertisers’ web sites
65% used Impressions to research products
51% purchased or recommended an advertised product
48% shared Impressions with a co-worker

Buying Power:
98% of respondents recommend, specify or approve the purchase of goods and services.
77% expect purchases to increase in the next 12 months

Leading Industry Publication:
84% of Impressions Reader Survey respondents read 3 out of 4 issues
96% of respondents rate Impressions as Good to Excellent
74% pick Impressions as their preferred publication with the next closest publication coming in at 11%


Readers Tell Us:

“Impressions magazines give me a well-rounded view of what’s going on in the market and products that are available”

“Consistently good and relevant content.”

“Covers a variety of applications, the products needed and the equipment.”

“For me, Impressions covers the info I want, gives insight, and stimulates new ideas I can look up products and find them every easy. Have gotten some very good marketing ideas. Trade show information, to stay up on all the latest information.”

“I enjoy the broad information from suppliers, trends, shop profiles and marketing information.”

“I have read Impressions and gone to your shows for as long as you have been around. We really enjoy the Fort Worth Show.”

“I like the focus of the articles and the variety of advertisers.”

“I like the layout and graphics and it’s just a more concise read.”

“I like what the magazine has to offer and always learn something new that pertains to my small business.”

“Impression magazine has provided me with a wealth of information over the years from industry standards to equipment purchases and is an excellent source for finding services.”

“Impressions covers the whole industry and has really good tips as well as shop profiles.”

“It covers pretty much all the aspects of the printing business. Sublimation, screen printing, digital direct as well as laser engraving. It gives me information that I need on the latest trends. It provides tips and techniques in decorating garments that I can relate to in my business.”

“It has been my go-to for years. I love the articles and there is always something that pertains to my business or relates to a problem I am having or have had.”

“It’s easy to read, concise, and has articles that seem to address current trends.”

“Lots of ideas to use for my business. Always able to find a solution or get information for a specific problem or idea. Not only the quality of the content but the design and layout is first-class.”

“The articles are relevant to the needs of my customer base and I have found some suppliers.”

“The source book is my go-to for info.”

“Your magazine covers the industries/vendors I respect and purchase from and keep me informed.”

To learn more about connecting with Impressions active, involved and buying readers – textile screen printers, embroiderers, promotional product distributors, digital decorators and retailers, please contact:

Laurie Gonz

Jeanine Morgan
Senior Account Executive